The story of Induvita

Based on 20 years of clinical experience as a gynecologist and midwife respectively, we became increasingly frustrated with the medical equipment meant for women that was designed by and for men! Gynecological examinations and childbirth are an intimate and sensitive event, where we women are incredibly vulnerable. Induvita wants to make it less painful, less risky and less scary, while optimizing the procedure and maintaining the effect.

A birth is a major and important event in a woman's life. From experience, we believe that improved equipment will contribute to a gentle birth start and thus a better birth experience.

It's time we put women's health on the agenda. There is too much stigma, taboo and lack of knowledge as well as scientific research.

Women are not a niche market, just severely underrepresented!

Induvita was founded in 2022. Prior to this, Helse Nord was an important contributor to our innovation efforts through financial and professional support.

Photo: Ida Kristin Dølmo/Nordlandssykehuset

Clinical Needs

Birth initiation is common due to various medical challenges in pregnancy. In Norway alone, about 15,000 births are induced per year*. Due to the low risk and high efficiency, the preferred method of initiation is the use of a balloon catheter inserted through the cervix of the pregnant**.

Such initiation can lead to a prolonged birth and be challenging for the woman, both physically and emotionally. The equipment used for this today is usually a urinary catheter for men. The speculum used is the same as for all other women.

During the development of induction catheter and speculum, we saw the great need for a multifunctional simulator for training on gynecological examinations and procedures, but also for training on examination during childbirth. Such simulator training will increase competence for the best possible diagnostics and treatment.

For now, the portfolio consists of three products that have full independent value, but at the same time complement each other.


Hege Hansen

Induvita CEO. Midwife with more than 20 years of clinical experience from obstetric departments.

Stine Andreasen

Medically responsible. Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, PhD in Obstetrics in 2015, more than 15 years of clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Ragni Mikkola Christensen

Internal QA/RA with experience from regulatory processes in start-ups. Bioengineer by education

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Helle Moen

Value-driven businesswoman with international experience and keen interest in sustainable technology development, innovation processes and strategies.

Stine Andreasen

Induvita CEO. Midwife with more than 20 years of clinical experience from obstetric departments.

Cristina Santos
Board member

Partner in CoFounder.

Morten Skjelbred
Board member

CEO Nord Innovasjon AS

Bjorn Olsen
Board member

Professor at Nord University School of Economics

Beate Sørslett
Board observer

Deputy Managing Director of Nordland Hospital


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Induvita is developing an induction catheter for initiating labour, adapted to the needs of the pregnant woman. Through a user-controlled process, we have designed the gynecological speculum of the future. This is optimal for the patient in terms of experience in use, and at the same time meets the practitioner's functional needs.

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We want to contribute to the UN's sustainability goals

  • Good health and quality of life

    By making the induction procedure available in developing countries, we can reduce adverse outcomes for mother and child in the event of risk vicissitudes.

  • Equality between the sexes

    Today's equipment for initiating childbirth is designed for men, and we believe that adequate equipment for initiating births is lacking. Minor inequalities: Our equipment does not need sterilization. It will be easy to use with the need for a minimum of training. This allows it to be used by anyone, everywhere.

  • Responsible consumption and production

    We will use environmentally friendly materials for the product and packaging.