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Induvita has developed a gynecological speculum for the best possible user experience. The speculum provides a large field of vision and work due to the unique elastic sidewalls. Induvita's speculum is noiseless in use, has a friendly expression for the patient, is room temperature at insertion and does not require cleaning.
The speculum provides an optimal experience for both the patient and the patient. As it is a disposable device and is intuitive in use, it makes the gynecological examination more accessible even in rural areas. The friendly design can help increase the number of successful surveys, even for particularly vulnerable groups.

Product package for induction of labor


Induvita's induction catheter has been developed with a unique design for the purpose. It is therefore user-friendly for both therapist and patient. The product package consists of a balloon catheter, mandrel and filling unit. Iola will simplify the procedure for insertion and use, which will result in more successful procedures. The procedure will be less resource-intensive, as there is no need for assistance. ​The patient will experience less pain during the treatment period and there will therefore be a need for fewer hospital admissions with a subsequent need for treatment and monitoring of mother and child.

SIMULATOR - under development


Medical skills training is important to achieve competence without practicing on the patient. We are therefore developing the Runa simulator for skills training in gynecology and obstetrics. The simulator is to be used for training on vaginal examination during childbirth and gynecological speculum examinations​​, as well as simple gynecological procedures. Runa must show correct anatomy and be designed in material that gives a lifelike experience. The simulator should allow training on all scenarios during birth, including cervical dilatation, the position and setting of the head and the presentation of the child. Better competence reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment, as well as sparing the patient unnecessary examinations during childbirth.

About Us

Meet the people behind Induvita

Induvita was started by Hege Hansen and Stine Andreasen. Hege and Stine have many years of experience in the profession, as a midwife and gynecologist. In addition, we have a number of great partners.

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