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Induction of labor assistment


Induction of labor is common due to different medical conditions in pregnancy. In Norway, 15 000 labors are induced per year*. Due to low risk and high efficacy, the preferred method for induction of labor is by using a balloon catheter, introduced through the maternal cervix**.


Induction of labor may cause prolonged labor and be both physically and emotionally demanding to the woman. The catheter in use for induction of labor is usually a male urinary catheter. The speculum is the same speculum used for unpregnant women.


Through our clinical experience as midwife and gynecologist in an obstetric department, we have realized the need for customized equipment and controlled introduction of the catheter. This will reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure, and improve hygienical and esthetical conditions. Medical equipment in women’s health is low priority, and we want to develop products intended for pregnant women.


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